I created this website during my 300 hour yoga teacher training. It became a blog after the dissolution of my marriage, and has allowed me an avenue to explore my love of writing. This life and journey is still a work in progress, and I am finally able to enjoy it for just that.

Becoming a yoga teacher has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Through that process I discovered the power of the fearless journey and walk each day in an effort to honor that. I write to share my stories and to give an outlet for my own understanding. I practice asana and meditation to keep myself grounded and connected to inner wisdom and eternal guidance.

Through my own personal practice I have discovered the necessity of building both strength and flexibility for the overall health and balance of my body, and how deeply that work penetrates layers beyond the physical. My work, my efforts, and my struggles on the mat have prepared me to better face the world off the mat. My intention in my teaching is to guide others through their own physical and mental limitations to reach a deeper level of strength, resilience, and peace.

I am currently living my dream, following my heart, and traveling simply for the sake of exploration. If I am lucky enough, maybe I will have the honor to share yoga along the way. The commitment, effort, and desire to learn through the people I meet inspires me daily.

With greatest regards,


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