Dream Big

I am lying here in a hammock on the beach, reflecting on my life. “I get to live here,” is what I have said. The truth is, I get to work here. This is not vacation, but you could fool me. I chose how I wanted to live, and I have created it. The shock has worn off, what’s left is gratitude.

I remember just over a year and a half ago saying to myself, and out loud, “Can’t I go live somewhere tropical, bartend on the beach, and teach yoga? How do I make that happen?” That was my mantra.

I held that desire, that vision, in my heart, and I surrendered the outcome. Today, I can see the ocean waves crashing along the shore; their sound invigorates my soul. It’s amazing how easy it is to witness the rise and fall of the tide here; right now its on its way out. Every six hours it shifts. The air is warm, the breeze is cool. The smell of the salty water is inviting. I am just outside the property, on the dark sand beach. I am in a hammock among the palm trees. To my left and to my right is a spectrum of green, fading from almost yellow to deep rich emerald. I feel at home, and I feel at peace.

I have for the last few years longed to live on the beach again. I have missed its closeness. Even living in Los Angeles, a 45 minute drive was required. Today, it is just a few steps away. My work is in the hotel here, and restaurant. I get to teach yoga and build that community. My vision is surrounding me. What I spoke, is now in existence. And to top all of that off, I don’t have to drive anywhere! Good lord what a gift.

Just like the last year and a half, however, I am aware that this home is also temporary, and that is ok. For now, I honor what I have created. I get to live this dream in this moment. Tomorrow, I will dream a different one. It is important that I am here now to witness and learn from what this moment has to teach me. This process of living presently is new for me, and I see it working.

I already have in my heart what I would like for the next chapter to look and feel like, but I cannot live there yet. The next phase will work itself out; it does not require me to micromanage it. I cannot be concerned over those details. I am aware that I am only partially in control. I have recognized the vision, embraced it, and prepared for it. Now, I turn it back over to the Universe and trust that what will be, will be serving my highest good. My intention has resonated deeply within. I look forward to seeing how it will manifest.

Over the next fews weeks, I will share my journey through the last 18 months with you; how I came to be here. I don’t say all of this because I am some super special human being capable alone of achieving the hearts desires. I share all of this because my heart longs for those that I love to realize their own innate, incredible potential for having their dreams come true. Dream Big, I have always said. Let me show you how.

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