Will You take the Journey with Me?

As difficult as this last year has been, it has truly been an amazing journey of Self-discovery. Sometimes I wake up and I think, I’m still the same old me. Is all this work really making a difference in me? Then I realize that the core of who I am will never change. I am solid, and unmovable. I am strength, and love. I laugh, I cry, I learn. I experience the human emotions (as I like to call them now) of anger, frustration, and sorrow. I still get caught up in them of course, but I also feel mySelf stepping back from them, observing them; being the witness and letting them move through me. What I’ve come to recognize is that the part of me that has changed is the part that is now aware of who I am; the part that sees life as a choice, as a series of options that ultimately lead me to a destination.

That destination today is Costa Rica!! Woohoo! More on that in a moment..

The path I’m on right now is one of transformation and re-invention; discovering how to live the life I’ve imagined, and thrive. I have been on a fearless journey that has been rattled by fear often. Fear that the steps I take will lead to destruction and not joy, never recognizing that even destruction has its place.

I put on my vision board (my first one ever) that I wanted to lead a tropical retreat this year. Finally, I said, why not me, why not now? So I did it. I pressed send. I said yes to me, to my life, and to making my dreams come true.

That choice, that decision to make my dreams happen rather than waiting for them to appear, is a milestone. So we’re going’ to Costa Rica 🙂  The question is, who’s coming with me? I’m excited about seeing this land I have only heard about. I am excited about honoring my word and my creation. But I am most excited about sharing who I am and what I’ve learned with others. If you’ve never practiced yoga before, that’s ok. If you are a long time student, that’s great too. The journey I am offering is one through the layers of our expectation, through the layers of stigma and boundaries, deep to the core of who we are. And we are going to have a whole lot of fun doing it! Message me for details, or..

Check it out here:


One thought on “Will You take the Journey with Me?

  1. Hotmail says:

    Yeah for whatever reason the thought of doing this is moving my heart and soul, so I’m going to work toward making this happen. I think it’s far enough away that it something that I could plan to do again at this point in my life, meaning monetarily. Send me good energy!!! Love you and am so very proud of you for going for life. It’s really an inspiration for me.

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